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 lookin sexy

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PostSubject: lookin sexy   Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:09 pm

With the recent additions, I'm really interested to see how well we play together. I don't know about so much in 1.2, but definitely in v1, more than half the matches were determined by the number/skill level of deckers on a given team. We have a good number of solid deckers, and just pretty good players in general as well. It should be interesting. I'll unfortunately be out of the country from March 15 through the 22nd, so unfortunately I will miss our first match which I'm really upset about. Would someone mind recording it or something? Anyway, good luck this weekend.

(Unrelated talk: Speaking of Finland, has anyone listened to the band Architecture in Helsinki's album In Case We Die? They're actually Australian, and yeah, they're really ridiculous, but I mean, it's just so happy-go-lucky! Anyway, they have a special place in my heart because the first time I ever even heard them was at their concert which was really fun. Anyway, I'm an album person and think you should listen to the songs in order nonstop, but.. if you are a song person, check out the songs: Wishbone, The Owls Go, Do the Whirlwind, Souvenirs, Neverevereverdid, and finally the song In Case We Die. Any albums after 2005 really aren't all that great as they lost essential members, unless you're into the sort of direction they went, but yeah, those songs I listed will give you a good taste of what they're about. I really don't blame you if you don't like it, but yeah... I'm obsessed with music and pretty much need almost constant auditory stimulation, so I think I'm going to make it my goal to recommend whatever I happen to be listening to when I post. Alright, anyway. i'm done with the tangent)
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lookin sexy
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